For my craft I use environmentally friendly, natural materials that comply with Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). They provide the most extensive set of inspections of environmental standards in the textile sector. The whole process starts with an inspection of livestock farming, the cultivation of crops, use of dyes and dyeing methods, including the production of yarn. Yarn certified in this manner is exceptional because it guarantees absolute compliance with all environmental and humane criteria in the whole production chain.

I use wool and fur from animals maintained in exclusively good conditions. This wool is called mulesingfree, which means no harsh or painful methods are used in the shearing process, thus ensuring no flesh is sheared off from the animal.

For my customers who refuse any material whatsoever of animal origin, such as wool, fur or silk, I offer them the option of vegan yarns like bio-cotton, linen, wild silk, lyocell or various mixed materials. Any time you like, we can discuss which material is best for you.

I also associate my craft with a strong social dimension. I am interested in various social projects here in the Czech Republic, where I cooperate with local sheltered workshops and workplaces. My feeling is the same with Third World countries. I choose yarn for my handiwork that has been spun and dyed by the women of Manos del Uruguay, which is a social fair trade project in South America. This project supports and gives work to women from the Uruguayan countryside so they can work at home and be with their families. This way they don’t have to leave them behind to work in the slums of the capital, Montevideo.

The fate and working conditions of people in the Third World should not be a matter of indifference to us. We should support them and purchase their products, which are made from materials they themselves process. They receive fair pay for them and this allows them to have a decent livelihood.

Every product is unique! If however you have not found what you are looking for here or you would like a different colour, size, or material, please contact me any time! I can customize anything to meet your needs.  

Yours, Maya 

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