100% sheep wool, woven by hand on traditional wooden loom

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This rug is woven by hand with patience and designed with love. A minimalist style for an individualistic home.                        


This carpet is woven using traditional methods on four shafts, where the warp is cotton and the weft is yarn from sheep wool either in natural color or dyed by hand. The carpet is made slowly – it starts with stretching the warp, choosing the colors and their combinations, then very patient work and several hours of weaving on the shaft. Sheep wool is very good material for weaving carpets because it is strong, stable and lasts a long time. It keeps every home warm and a woven carpet can be used indoors by itself on the floor or hung on the wall like tapestries. Every carpet I make is a complete original, made only once. I can make custom carpets in various colors and sizes.



Do not wash wool carpets, only clean with a damp cloth. I recommend beating them in the snow – this cleans the wool and renews their brightness.

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Size: 85cm x 145cm